Pakistan PM Imran Khan makes eight suggestions in SCO summit

Pakistan PM Imran Khan makes eight suggestions in SCO summit

*ISLAMABAD - Prime Minister Imran Khan made eight suggestions to improve regional cooperation during the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO) Summit in Bishkek on Friday.*

These included reinforcing the vision of cooperation that rejects confrontation and promote peaceful co-existence in both the region and the rest of the world and galvanizing the Shanghai spirit to mitigate conflict. We should finalize arrangements for trade in local currencies, he said, suggesting the establishment of an SCO fund and bank.

Synergize region-wide connectivity initiatives and complement them with soft connectivity, said PM Khan, suggesting the creation of an SCO culture and tourism corridor.

He also urged them to make the SCO more relevant to people’s daily lives by working in the food security and humanitarian sectors. He also urged the setup of a framework to combat corruption and white collar crime.

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The premier urged world leaders to prioritise women and youth empowerment and strengthen the women forum and youth council. You can also bridge the gap between region-specific research and policy by setting up SCO centres of excellence on matters like poverty alleviation, something faced by almost every country, said PM Khan.

During his speech to the heads of state of various countries, he said the world stands at the crossroads of a multi polar global order. Regional integration is speeding up, disruptive technologies are maturing and there are new threats, he said, counting narcotics, climate change and bacterial resistance as major threats.

PM Khan also discussed Pakistan’s battle with terrorism and how it is willing to share its experience and expertise in counter terrorism. He praised the world leaders for realising that there was no military solution to the Afghan conflict. He said Pakistan supports a solution through an Afghan led and owned peace process.

The SCO’s support for post-conflict Afghanistan will remain crucial, he reminded them.

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