A diplomatic success for Pakistan at the SCO forum

A diplomatic success for Pakistan at the SCO forum

BISHKEK – Pakistan secured permanent membership of Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) Youth Council in Kyrgyzstan on Friday.

The 19th annual meeting of Shanghai Cooperation Organization‘s Youth Council was attended by Council of the Heads of State and representatives of the Youth Council. Prime Minister Imran Khan and Special Adviser to the PM on Youth Affairs Usman Dar represented Pakistan in the SCO meeting.

Reacting to securing the membership, Usman Dar expressed that Pakistani youth has got a chance for representation at global level. He said that Pakistani youth will get a diverse exposure by participating in youth programs globally now.

“PM Khan’s vision to empower the youth has succeeded”, Dar asserted. International community will also help in the development of the youth, he added.

He said that, “Pakistan is going to achieve this distinction as it aims to focus on socio-political empowerment of its youth by announcing, for the first time in its national history, prestigious National Youth Council comprising of outstanding youth from all across the country”.