Caretaker PM for revamping Law and Justice Ministry

Caretaker PM for revamping Law and Justice Ministry

ISLAMABAD - Caretaker Prime Minister retired Justice Nasir-ul-Mulk has urged the Ministry of National Food Security to promote welfare of the farmers to transform agriculture into a vibrant sector of the economy.

He said this during a briefing on agricultural sector given to him in Islamabad today (Thursday).

The Prime Minister appreciated the Ministry and its attached departments for their efforts towards strengthening the agriculture sector, ensuring food security in the country and promoting welfare of the farmers and agriculturists. The Prime Minister observed that low productivity, high cost of production, water scarcity and weak technology transfer linkages are some of the major challenges that need immediate attention.

The Prime Minister was briefed on various efforts being made by the Ministry to overcome existing challenges and ensure food security in the country besides increasing the overall contribution of the sector towards economy.

The meeting was told that agricultural sector is contributing 18.9% to GDP and employing 42.3% of the total labor force.

It was informed that the growth rate of agriculture sector was recorded at 3.8% last year as compared to average rate of 2.13% during past five years.

Nasirul Mulk calls for revamping law & justice division

Charing a meeting of law and Justice division in Islamabad today (Thursday), Prime Minister retired Justice Nasirul Mulk has called for revamping law and justice division to ensure good governance and meet present day socio economic challenges.

He said the revamping will enable the law division to perform its mandated functions in a more effective manner. He directed the law minister to formulate a comprehensive plan for this purpose which should assist the incoming democratic government.

On the occasion, the Prime Minister was given a detailed briefing on various functions and performance of the law division.