NACTA budgetary allocations FY 2016-17

NACTA budgetary allocations FY 2016-17

ISLAMABAD, June 14 (APP): NACTA budgetary allocations FY 2016-17


A Spokesman of National Counter Terrorism Authority (NACTA) in a clarification said that since the announcement of the Federal Budget 2016-17, a section of the press has been reporting and speculating on the budgetary allocations of the Authority.


"These are not true," said the Spokesman in a statement issued here today.


Clarifying the factual position, the Spokesman said that in view of requirement of approved summary on strengthening of NACTA, a budget estimate of Rs. 1,859.790 million was demanded from Finance Division for the FY 2016-17.


Ministry of Interior communicated NACTA, the allocation of Rs. 109.424 million against demand of Rs. 1,859.790 million for FY 2016-17 as approved by Finance Division, this is just 8.73% more than the budget reflected in Pink Book for the year 2015-16 for NACTA.


"It was provided through New Item Statement (NIS) which was prepared and submitted for Rs. 109.424 million to Finance Division (Budget wing) as per approved ceiling,"  he said.


The Spokesman further said that balance amount of Rs. 1,750.366 million (which is not covered through regular allocated budget) has been considered in the Priorities Committee.


NACTA has been assured that this balance amount will be provided to NACTA by Finance Division as and when demanded.


"As such there is no issue of lesser budget allocations to NACTA," the Spokesman said.

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