Chinese Government to initiate Traditional Chinese Medicine clinical project in Pakistan

Chinese Government to initiate Traditional Chinese Medicine clinical project in Pakistan

KARACHI, June 14 (APP): Chinese Government to initiate Traditional Chinese Medicine clinical project in Pakistan


The Chinese Government plans to initiate Traditional Chinese Medicines (TMC) clinical project.


This was stated by an official of the International Center for Clinical and Biological Sciences (ICCBS), University of Karachi, on Tuesday.


He further informed that the Chinese government officials visited the ICCBS located at Karachi University campus on Tuesday.


The 11-member Chinese delegation, led by a distinguished Professor Dr. Wei Wang, called on the Director ICCBS, Prof. Dr. M. Iqbal Choudhary, and former Federal Minister for Science and Technology and former Chairman Higher Education Commission, Prof. Dr. Atta-ur-Rahman.


They discussed matters pertaining to Traditional Chinese Medicines (TCM) clinical collaboration project.


Speaking at the meeting, held at Dr. Panjwani Center for Molecular Medicine and Drug Research (PCMD), University of Karachi, Prof. Dr. Wei Wang said that the Chinese government intends to hold collaborative research work on traditional Chinese medicines.


We are here with TCM clinical collaboration projects, and in search of a quality research institution in Pakistan', he said.


It seems ICCBS-KU is the right kind of research institution with which we can establish research and academic partnership', Prof. Wang said.


Prof. Atta-ur-Rahman advised the foreign delegation to have first clinical trials of traditional Chinese medicines in Pakistan before initiating any project of such kind.


Describing the prominence of ICCBS Prof. Iqbal Choudhary said that ICCBS is one of the finest academic research establishments of chemical and biomedical sciences in the developing world.


The ICCBS owns the single largest doctoral program in the country with over 350 Ph.D. students from over 20 countries of the world, he said, adding that the international center carries out research, training, product development and service delivery in the chemical, biological, and biomedical sciences.


The Chinese delegation comprised of Dr Jianhua Huang, Vice-director TCM and Ethnomedicine Innovation & Development Laboratory, Hunan University of Chinese Medicine (HUCM); Shao Xiangning, Deputy Director of Hunan Provincial Commission of Health and Family Planning, Director-general of Hunan Provincial Administration of TCM; Hu Guoheng, Vice Director, the first Affiliated Hospital of HUCM; Wu Yiwen, director, second affiliated hospital of

HUCM; Jiang Yilan, vice director, affiliated hospital of HUCM; Xiang Mingbo, director, Yueyang Prefecture TCM Hospital; Lan Zheng, chief of International Exchange Center, Hunan Provincial Commission of Health and Family Planning; Chen Feibao, chairman of Hunan Anbang Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd; Zhu Min, deputy head of Guiding Journal of TCM and Pharmacy; Zhang Yu, chairman of Changsha Ren Kang Hospital Co. Ltd


The Chinese delegation also visited various laboratories and research buildings of ICCBS.