Govt striving hard for real change in country: Leader

Govt striving hard for real change in country: Leader

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Leader Shukat Basra Sunday said that the PTI government is striving hard for real change in country for betterment of all segments of society.

Talking to Private news channel, he emphasized that revival of economy was the top priority of the Imran Khan’s government.

He said previous governments during the last 70 years looted the country, adding, they were responsible for damaging the national economy.

The leader said the country was facing the financial challenges due to the previous rulers of Pakistan People’s party and Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz who had looted the national wealth.

He said the leadership of PPP and PML-N had left empty national economy funds by taking huge loans and done massive corruption during their regimes, now they were accountable for that.

“Imran Khan’s government came into power to serve masses, not to ruin the country like previous governments,” he added.

PTI government wanted to make the country ‘a welfare state’ and for that purpose, it was taking concerted measures in different fields, he said. Shukat Basra said PTI would uproot the menace of corruption from the society.

He said no society or country could make progress without improving governance, ensuring accountability, and checking corruption.

He said Pakistan could not be made prosperous by foreign assistance for that purpose the institutions would have to be strengthened.”

“If people do not pay taxes then we can’t help rebuild the country, we can’t work on basic infrastructure due to lack of tax collection,” he said.

He urged the business community to cooperate with the government to expand tax base which is necessary for the survival of the country.

He pointed out that some traders were avoiding to come into tax net, adding, under the dynamic leadership of Prime Minister Imran Khan, Pakistan would prosper.