Fisheries ex-VC supplied weapons to Lyari gang war 

Fisheries ex-VC supplied weapons to Lyari gang war 

KARACHI: (APP) The Joint Interrogation Team (JIT) Report on Fish Harbour Authority ex-Vice Chairman Qamar Sultan Siddiqui has once again stirred the political side of through his revelations. Pakistan Rangers Sindh had arrested him on charges of massive corruption, patronising banned People’s Amn Committee, money laundering and serious crimes and terrorism.

The JIT reads that the accused Siddiqui had supplied illegal arms and ammunition to Lyari gang war kingpin Uzair Balouch, Jamaat-e Islami’s slain leader Dr Pervez Mehmood and MQM Haqiqi Chairman Afaq Ahmed.

The JIT further reads that Siddiqui had embezzled millions from Fisheries department Funds and purchase and supply of illegal arms and ammunition in association with another accused Dr Nisar Morai. He had also supplied arms and ammunition to politicians, criminals, terrorists and bureaucrat

The JIT reads that Siddiqui had on orders of former Sindh Home Minister Dr Zulfiquar Mirza supplied 25 sub-machine guns to terrorists while Morai and Siddiqui obtained 40 and 30 percent of kickback on each contract respectively.

Siddiqui, Muhammad Khan Chachar and Shahid used to get 800, 000, 500, 000 and 500, 000 as monthly salary respectively. He had appointed his brother Hussain Umer Siddiqui and brother-in-law Asad Zaman on key positions in Fisheries department and had also appointed a minimum of 30, who never attended office and were simply ghost employees.