Ukranian Prime Minister thrashed in Parliament by opposition law maker

KEIV: A fight erupted in Ukraine's upper house of parliament on Friday when a member of the legislature attempted to drag prime minister Arseny Yatsenyuk from the floor's podium after giving the government leader a bouquet of flowers. Mr Yatsenyuk was delivering an annual report recapping the work of his government when a deputy representing president Petro Poroshenko's political bloc in parliament approached the stage to drag Mr Yatsenyuk away. The incident sparked a wider fist fight between deputies on the floor. Mr Yatsenyuk's own faction in parliament has been at odds with a group loyal to Mr Poroshenko amid growing concern and public discontentover Ukraine's still-rampant levels of corruption. Mr Yatsenyuk in his speech insisted the government does not have the power to prosecute corruption cases. “Who prosecutes? Prosecutors do. So who is in charge? The General Prosecutor's office. The president appoints the prosecutor general” Mr Yatsenyuk was quoted as saying in his report by the Kiev Post, a local English-language newspaper. (Telegraph)