Iran’s army unveils 4 new achievements

Iran’s army unveils 4 new achievements

TEHRAN: Iran’s Army on Monday, during a ceremony attended by senior army officials, unveiled its four new achievements.

The achievements are a vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) quadcopter, named Hodhod-4, a command and control system capable of audio, visual and data communication, a fire-proof ammunition box and a emulated barrel of N-45 155 mm gun barrel.

The quadcopter's range is 100 kilometers with flight endurance of 4 hours. The command and control system software can be installed on all computerized systems.

The fire-proof ammunition box can tolerate a temperature up to 1,200 degrees centigrade for a maximum of three hours. The box is also water- and shock-proof.

The 155 mm gun barrel is nickel phosphorus plated and therefore the corrosion will decrease and the useful life of it will increase by 40 percent. The coating will also lessen six times the friction between barrel and the bullet compared to the convenient one, increasing the muzzle velocity.