ANF seized drugs worth Rs 3 billion across raids in country

ANF seized drugs worth Rs 3 billion across raids in country

RAWALPINDI - Determined to uproot drug menace from the country, the Anti Narcotics Force (ANF) Pakistan has seized 3145.15 kg Narcotics worth Rs 2.995 billion in international market, arrested 32 culprits including two females and impounded 10 vehicles while conducting 25 counter-narcotic country-wide strikes during last week.

According to an ANF spokesman, the seized drugs comprised of 2999.48 kg hashish, 99.58 kg opium, 39.7 kg heroin and 6.39 kg amphetamine (Ice). ANF Quetta while carrying out a successful intelligence led operation at Qilla Abdullah seized 2726 kg Hashish from general area of Killi Nowrak, Tehsil Gulistan, District Qilla Abdullah.

ANF Rawalpindi conducted seven operations in different areas in its jurisdiction and seized 2.4 kg hashish, 6.390 kg amphetamine, 2.4 kg hashish, 75.6 kg Hashish, 24 kg opium, one kg Hashish, six kg hashish, five kg hashish besides netting Sajid Khan, Iftikhar Khan, Abid Khan and his lady accomplice namely Yasmeen, Mumtaz Muhammad, Babar Ali, Muhammad Rizwan, Amjad Ali, Saif Ullah, Farid Ullah and a lady smuggler namely Iqra Bibi.

ANF Lahore seized seven kg Heroin, five kg heroin, 8.4 kg hashish, 14.4 kg heroin, 3.6 kg hashish, and 57.6 kg opium and rounded up an Italy national, Azhar Mehmood, Qasim Khan, Waqar Khan, Muhammad Ijaz and Muhammad Rafiq Khan.

ANF Peshawar in eight operations recovered 1.180 kg Hashish, 1.780 kg Opium, 1.2 kg opium, 3.6 kg hashish, 1.1 kg hashish, 1.2 kg hashish, 700 grams heroin, 800 grams hashish, one kg hashish and 1.2 kg hashish besides arresting Muhammad Zubair, Tousif Khan, Tahir Iqbal, Arif Khan, Muhammad Raees, Zafar ul Haq, Sabir Hussain, Ibrahim Khan and Laiq Shah.

Similarly, ANF Karachi in its crackdown against drug smugglers seized 15 kg Hashish, 95 kg hashish, 15 kg opium, 12 kg heroin, 600 grams heroin, 22 kg hashish, 20 kg hashish and seven kg hashish and arrested Ghulam Muhammad, Abdul Aziz, Abdul Rahim and Moazzam Ali Khan.

All cases have been registered at respective ANF Police Stations under CNS Act 1997 and further investigations are underway.