Mustafa Kamal demands to ban MQM


KARACHI: While demanding to ban MQM, Pak Sar Zameen party leader Mustafa Kamal said that Altaf Hussain has confessed his relations with RAW before Scotland Yard now the time has come to take strict action against MQM.


While talking to media here at today (Thursday) at his residence, Mustafa Kamal said that former British envoy has confirmed the relations of MQM with RAW while Quaid Altaf also has confessed to take funds from RAW.


He demanded Pakistani government and institution to take strict actions against MQM over the allegations.


Government officials are also raising questions over the charges of MQM-RAW nexus, Mustafa elaborated, questioning that if only 5% of these allegations are true then why such organization is being allowed to work in Pakistan despite of its links with RAW and this party should be banned immediately.


Ambassador of British HC told that MQM Quaid is RAW agent while Rehman Malik had also been briefed in this regard after that Rehman Malik held meeting with MQM leaders and informed them about the allegations of British HC. He added.


Pak Sar Zameen party leader further stated that now it has become crystal clear that MQM has links with Indian spy agency RAW so government should take strict actions against the party.