Indian and Chinese delegation standoff at G20 conference

Indian and Chinese delegation standoff at G20 conference

The G20 conference held in India recently witnessed an intriguing incident involving the Chinese delegation, as reported by various Indian media outlets. This episode unfolded at the Taj Hotel, where the Chinese representatives faced scrutiny due to the size of their luggage. Hotel management raised concerns about the unusually large bags carried by members of the Chinese delegation.

Remarkably, the situation took a diplomatic turn when the hotel was informed that these bags were considered diplomatic baggage, thus exempt from standard inspection procedures.

Despite this assurance, tension escalated when a hotel employee claimed to have seen what they deemed "suspicious equipment" within the bags, sparking a 12-hour standoff.

Efforts were made to resolve the impasse by requesting that the bags undergo security scanning, but the Chinese delegation firmly rejected these appeals.

Simultaneously, the Indian authorities remained steadfast in their resolve. Ultimately, a compromise was reached, leading to the decision to return the contentious bags to the Chinese Embassy, with their contents shrouded in secrecy.

Adding to the intrigue, reports from Indian media sources also revealed that the Chinese delegation made a request for a private internet network at the hotel, which was denied by the Indian hosts, further underscoring the complexities of diplomatic interactions during international conferences