Amazing news for cricket fans around the world

Amazing news for cricket fans around the world

Cricket's long-standing absence from the Olympics, spanning over a century, has inched closer to being rectified, as the International Olympic Committee's executive board, during their meeting in Mumbai, greenlit the inclusion of cricket at the 2028 Los Angeles Games.

IOC president Thomas Bach revealed that LA organizers proposed the inclusion of Twenty20 cricket as one of five new sports, alongside baseball/softball, flag football, squash, and lacrosse.

However, the final decision on the 2028 program's sports will be determined through a vote at the upcoming IOC session in Mumbai. Bach expressed enthusiasm for the opportunity to engage with new athlete and fan communities, recognizing the surging popularity of T20 cricket.

Los Angeles plans to host a six-team event in both men's and women's T20 cricket, featuring the United States as the host nation, although details such as the number of teams and their qualifications remain pending formal ratification on Monday. Cricket's last appearance at the Olympics dates back to the 1900 Paris Games.

The move to reintroduce cricket to the Olympics aligns with financial interests, aiming to tap into the lucrative South Asian market, particularly in cricket-loving countries like India and Pakistan. T20 cricket, the sport's shortest international format, has been instrumental in India's ascendancy as an economic powerhouse in cricket, thanks to the Indian Premier League's global appeal and substantial broadcasting deals.

Meanwhile, boxing's status at the 2028 Games remains uncertain due to a dispute over the sport's governance, leading to the IOC's decision to strip the International Boxing Association of its recognition. Bach emphasized the IOC's desire to keep boxing in the program but expressed concerns regarding the governing body's issues.