FWO to buy Pakistan Steels Mills

FWO to buy Pakistan Steels Mills
KARACHI: The Frontier Works Organization (FWO) has shown interest in buying the Pakistan Steel Mills and started collecting information in this regard.

According to the information, the FWO by writing a letter to related department of the army has shown its interest in buying the Pakistan Steel Mills. On reply of this letter, the related department of Pakistan Army has requested them to make a detailed report on this and present it to the agencies.

The concerned department of the army wanted to know if the FWO can run the Pak Steel Mills, and if it could run the Mills, could it face any problems and what type of problems it may have to face.

In this rergard, the agencies’ delegation had to visit the Steel Mills in September. But now it was delayed and the visit was scheduled in October. However, now it has surfaced that the delegation will not visit the Pak Steel Mills. And this has also been confirmed by the responsible people in the Steel Mills.

In the letter penned to the steel mills on July 24 in 2017, it had highluighted that an 18-member delegation will visit the steel mills on September 27 and will take a briefing on the affairs of the mills. 
According to the sources, Pakistan Steel Mills has has been part of the sensitive organizations and the personnel of army’s various departments keep visiting the mills for its supervision and monitoring.

When the correspondent reached out to the spokesperson of the steel mills, Abdul Hafeez Shah, he said that the visit of the delegation, which has been delayed, was a normal routine visit. He added that the delegation had also visited the mills in the past. 
However, the spokesperson denied the point that Pakistan Army had been planning to control the Pakistan Steel Mills. He also told the correspondent that it was expected that the Export Processing Zone’s Chairman Imran Zaib can be given the additional charge of chief executive of their organisation.