In a good news for Pakistani professionals, UAE announces the golden Visas

In a good news for Pakistani professionals, UAE announces the golden Visas

*DUBAI - **In a good news for Pakistani professionals, United Arab Emirates announces the golden Visas.*

*The UAE just awarded 2,500 professionals ‘golden visas’. These are long-term visas that are like permanent residencies.*

The ruler of Dubai, Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Makhtoum, presided over the golden visa ceremony.

But this is only the first batch of golden visas the UAE government plans to award. The 2,500 professionals were all doctors, researchers, scientists and innovators. On his twitter page, Shaikh Mohammad said: “Today, we celebrated the first batch of 2500 scientists, researchers, innovators, investors and doctors who were granted the UAE’s golden visa. We welcome them to us and say to everyone: The UAE is the country of science and incubator of scientists, talented people and change makers”.

The UAE is looking to promote scientific research in the country.

According to *Gulf News, *Ali Mohammad Bin Hammad, the chairman the Governing Board of Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship, said that the golden visa system was first launched to create a stimulating environment conducive to investment and creativity and engage talents in the development process of the country as permanent partners.

He noted that the golden visa would help create an attractive and encouraging environment, and strengthen the UAE’s position as a global hub for talents and innovators.