PTDC offers special tour packages to students

PTDC offers special tour packages to students

Islamabad: Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation  (PTDC) would offer special tour packages for students so that they could not only enjoy domestic history and culture but also get all the information entertainment and informal visits not only provide students unique skills, but also increase interest in adventure said Managing Director Abdul Ghafoor PTDC.

Ghafoor said that tour packages will be available in all cities across the country, packages, day trips, three days, and packages were being prepared for weekends, where the responsibility of accommodation and transportation will be of PTDC, at very nominal price and get the most from these packages.

It was decided in a recent meeting Managing Director Abdul Ghafoor with Punjab Higher Education Minister Raza Ali Gillani MD PTDC said  students are the future of the country and they have to handle the country in the coming time.

They should have all the information about country's rich natural and cultural resources, which make it the world's most beautiful country, where natural scenes, mountains, weddings, lakes, sea, desert all are available he added.

Ghafoor said that tourism is a spinal cord in the economy of many countries and it can be multiplied by its promotion in Pakistan.

In order to promote professionalism in this sector, we are introducing degrees, diploma and certificates through high education commission. Also, with the help of College of Tourism and Hotel Management, the PTDC staff will be given training he said.