Indian PM Modi left his wife for political gains?

Indian PM Modi left his wife for political gains?

NEW DELHI - Mayawati enjoined women across India on Monday to deny Prime Minister Narendra Modi their votes, her bizarre explanation, in one senior cabinet minister's view, exposed her "as unfit for public life", India today has reported.

By rejecting Modi at the polls, she claimed, they could show respect to his estranged wife; she accused the BJP leader of having left his spouse for political gain. But that was not all. The former chief minister of Uttar Pradesh also said women in the BJP feared seeing their husbands go near the prime minister.

"They fear", she said, "that like Modi they might also abandon their wives".

"...I request all the women of the country not to give their votes to such a person. This would also be their real respect to the deserted wife of Modi ji."

- Mayawati on May 13, 2019

A Dalit leader, Mayawati is the chief of the Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP), and is working with two other parties, including the socialist Samajwadi Party, to prevent a repeat of the BJP's excellent performance in Uttar Pradesh in the previous Lok Sabha election.

UP has 80 seats -- by far the highest number for any Indian state -- and has voted several prime ministers, including Narendra Modi, to Parliament. Mayawati herself recently hinted at her interest in the top job.

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