Afghan Taliban launch one of the biggest attack in 10 provinces, rattling security forces

Afghan Taliban launch one of the biggest attack in 10 provinces, rattling security forces

KABUL - *Afghanistan’s interior and defense ministries on Saturday said clashes have intensified in 10 provinces across the country – resulting in an increased casualty toll among all warring parties. *

According to officials, in these fights, the Afghan security forces, Taliban militants suffered heavy losses, TOLO News has reported.

Interior minister Wais Ahmad Barmak said Farah, Ghor and Baghlan are among the 10 provinces where clashes have been ongoing between security forces and Taliban since Thursday.

“Intensified fights are ongoing in over 10 provinces in the country. The Afghan police fought on the frontline against the enemy to protect Afghanistan and people and have suffered losses,” said Barmak.

The Afghan defense ministry spokesman Mohammad Radmanish meanwhile said 30 Afghan soldiers were killed in fights in Farah, Ghor and Baghlan. Radmanish said Taliban and Daesh also suffered heavy casualties in these fights.

“This year is a very important year which will determine our destiny and we are taking care in this regard. Afghanistan’s defense forces will use all they have to defend Afghanistan and the Afghan people,” said Radmanish.

Sources meanwhile said fatalities among security forces increased recently. This includes the death of 16 soldiers who were killed on the outskirts of Farah city on Friday night.

“Taliban are equipped with heavy weapons that they received from different countries. Also they receive training from time to time and attack security out posts using different tactics,” MP Humaira Ayubi said.

“Farah police do not have heavy weapons and a number of (listed) soldiers are ghost soldiers,” MP Sarwar Osman Farahi said.

Clashes are meanwhile ongoing in parts of Tala Wa Barfak district in Baghlan province, which fell to the Taliban last week.

“Around 100 security forces along with their equipment were evacuated by helicopters from different parts of Tala Wa Barfak district,” Zabihullah Shuja, Baghlan police spokesman said.