JI barred to hold “Go FCR Go” rally in Bajur Sports Stadium

JI barred to hold “Go FCR Go” rally in Bajur Sports Stadium

BAJAUR AGENCY: (APP) JI barred to hold “Go FCR Go” rally in Bajur Sports Stadium


The Political Administration has refused to give permission to Jamaat-i-Islami (JI) to hold its proposed anti corruption and go FCR go public gathering at Bajaur Sports Complex here on Saturday.


A well informed source in the administration told APP Correspondent on Thursday that the decision was approved in a high-level meeting of the senior officials of the local administration.


He disclosed that almost all officials opposed to give permission to the JI to hold a public gathering at the Bajaur Sports Complex, as the venue was only for sports activities and not for the political activities.


The participants of the meeting was of the view that the administration cannot allow JI to hold public gathering at Bajaur Sports Complex because every political parties would ask for holding their activities in the same venue in future and will set a wrong precedent.


Participants of the meeting have advised the JI Bajaur Agency leaders to stop their insisting for holding public gathering at the said venue as the administration would not allow the venue to be used for any political activities at any cost.


The officials offered the JI to select any other venue for its gathering instead of Bajaur Sports Complex, the source said, adding that the officials have also assured the JI for full proof security arrangements for its rally.


On the other hand, the JI local leadership has rejected the local administration decision for not permitting Bajaur Sports Complex for its scheduled public gathering to be held on May 14 in which JI Central Ameer Sirajul Haq and several central and provincial party leaders is likely to participate.


JI local chapter amir Abdul Majeed said its scheduled public gathering will be held at the same avenue in Bajaur Sports Complex and change of the proposed venue of the gathering would not be accepted.