Sea Spark 2022: Pakistan Navy demonstrates massive firepower show in Arabian Sea

Sea Spark 2022: Pakistan Navy demonstrates massive firepower show in Arabian Sea

Pakistan Navy link has held an awesome link of its firepower link in the Arabian Sea link as party of the Navy’s Exercise Sea Spark link 2022, reported 24NewsHD TV channel.

According to a tweet posted on Sunday, Pakistan Navy’s ships, submarines and aircraft successfully fired surface-to-surface and underwater missiles and torpedoes during the exercise which hit their targets with pinpoint accuracy.

The impressive display of the firepower link about 10 days after the Pakistan Navy link had tracked an Indian submarine foiling an attempt by the enemy to enter into its territorial waters in Arabian Sea link

The Indian navy link deployed its Kalvari submarine against Pakistan with ulterior motives. However, yet again through continuous vigilance and professionalism the Pakistan Navy link had foiled the Indian submarine’s attempt to enter into Pakistani waters.

During the prevailing security environment and ongoing Pakistan Navy link Exercise SEASPARK-22, the possibility of Indian unit lurking into Pakistan Maritime Zone for reconnaissance and gathering information on exercise was anticipated, the ISPR said, adding, therefore, strict monitoring watch and stringent vigilance procedures were enforced.

Resultantly, Pakistan Navy link anti-submarine warfare unit took the lead and prematurely intercepted and tracked the latest Indian submarine Kalvari on 01 March 2022.

The recent incident was the fourth detection in last five years and a reflection of Pakistan Navy’s competence and resolve to defend maritime frontiers of Pakistan.

Also on March 4, 2019, Pakistan Navy link spotted and warned an unidentified Indian navy link submarine in the Arabian Sea link. In a March 5 press statement, the Pakistan Navy link had said that it “detected and blocked” the Indian submarine “from entering Pakistani waters.”

The boat was detected in Pakistan’s maritime zone.

“The submarine could have been easily engaged and destroyed had it not been Pakistan’s policy to exercise restraint in the face of Indian aggression and to give peace a chance to prevail.”