PM calls for bringing non-taxpayers under the tax net

PM calls for bringing non-taxpayers under the tax net

Prime Minister Imran Khan has directed for introducing reforms in taxation system to achieve durable economic progress.           

Chairing a meeting to discuss the revenue collection and enhancing the tax base, he termed the existing taxation system as unjust.           

The Prime Minister said taxation statistics and the system in vogue can in no way support the national economy. 

He said under the prevailing system, the poor has to pay taxes more than their financial capacity and called for bringing the non-taxpayers under the tax net.           

He said reformation of taxation system and increasing the tax base are part of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf’s manifesto.           

He also stressed on reforms in FBR to revive the trust of taxpayers in the taxation system. 

The meeting discussed various proposals to increase the revenue and tax base, develop tax collection on modern lines, use of technology and bring about reforms in Federal Board of Revenue.