Pakistanis want 'Major' Adnan Sami back

Pakistanis want 'Major' Adnan Sami back

*ISLAMABAD - That Adnan Sami will ever tweet against Pakistan is highly unlikely as we have trolled him to the level that even the thought of spewing venom against Pakistan will send shivers down his spine,” said a participant of the mock protest for the safe return of “Major Adnan Sami”.*

Now an Indian, Adnan Sami, whose father was a decorated Pakistan Air Force (PAF) soldier, is being endlessly trolled (with people calling him a Pakistani agent in India) for a month now after one of his anti-Pakistan tweets but these youngsters from Karachi took it to next level and arranged a protest for his “safe return”.

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The protesters holding placards raised slogans ranging from* “Adnan Teray Janisar Beshumar, Beshumar* to *“Pakistan Ka Sacha Sipahi Adnan Bhai, Adnan Bhai”* to troll the singer who has been at the receiving end of all this trolling since his anti-Pakistan tweet on February 26 when Indian forces falsely claimed a surgical strike in Pakistani territory.

Some of the placards too had similar slogans.

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Adnan Sami’s tweet was full of abusive words and hate for Pakistanis but Pakistanis, instead of replying him started trolling by calling him a Pakistani agent.