Afghanistan government ridiculous response over Mullah Umer biography

Afghanistan government ridiculous response over Mullah Umer biography

KABUL - The Afghanistan ARG Presidential Palace has rejected the claims regarding the hideout of Taliban group founder Mullah Mohammad Omar.

“We strongly reject this delusional claim and we see it as an effort to create and build an identity for the Taliban and their foreign backers,” Haroon Chakhansuri, deputy chief of staff of President’s Office said in a Twitter post, Khaama Press has reported.

Chakhansuri further added “We have sufficient evidence which shows he lived and died in Pakistan. Period!”

A Dutch writer has claimed in her latest book the Mullah Mohammad Omar, the founder and former leader of Taliban group, was living within walking distance of U.S. base in Afghanistan.

The book ‘searching for an Enemy’ reveals that Mullah Omar lived as virtual hermit, away from his family.

Mullah Omar was also listening to BBC Pashto news broadcast, was filling notebooks with jottings in an imaginery language, and used an old Nokia mobile phone, without a sim card, to record himself chanting verses from Holy Quran.

He was rarely commenting on developments outside the world despite learning about the death of Al-Qaeda leader Osama Bin Laden in an American operation.

According to Dam, Mullah Omar remained hidden despite ongoing patrols and search operations which were conducted by the American forces in the area.

At one point, the American forces did not uncover the concealed entrance to his secret where he was hidden.

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