Two suicide attacks foiled at Pak Iran border with Pakistan's Army support: Zarif


ISLAMABAD: Iran’s Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said on Tuesday that two suicide blast attempts near his country’s border with Pakistan were foiled due to efforts from both countries.

“Last night we had two suicide attack attempts from Pakistani territory into Iran . Both of them were foiled and we had excellent cooperation last night from the Pakistani armed forces in order to contain this. We are very happy with the level of cooperation that exists today,” Zarif, who is visiting Pakistan, told a private TV channel.

The Iranian foreign minister reiterated his commitment towards improving relations between the neighbouring countries, stressing that Iran would not allow its land to be used for activities against Pakistan.

“We have had conversations and discussions with our Pakistani friends at the highest level. We provided whatever we had and we continue to be ready.

We believe that at the highest level there is a clear understanding in Pakistan about the fact that what we stated publically will continue to be the case.”