Another attempt to hit Imran Khan with shoe foiled


*GUJRAT*: Another attempt to hit Imran Khan with shoe was foiled in Gujrat today.

PTI workers arrested the boy before he could attack Imran Khan .

EarlierPakistan Imran Khan said that the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) leader Nawaz Sharif is “fooling people”.

While addressing a gathering, the PTI chief said that whatever goes on in Punjab police stations is common knowledge.

He said that Allah has given the nation everything and that the day Pakistan’s system improves, the country will progress. He said that if the government wants a brighter future, it should invest in the people not in roads.

The PTI chief is visiting Gujrat for his party’s membership drive.

Strict security measures have been taken for Imran Khan’s arrival in Gujrat and his container has been dispatched to the rally area as well. According to reports, only people with special passes have access to the stage.

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