Renowned analyst Arif Hameed Bhatti joins new TV Channel

Renowned analyst Arif Hameed Bhatti joins new TV Channel

LAHORE - Renowned analyst, senior investigative journalist and seasoned anchorperson Arif Hameed Bhatti has joined GNN News as Chief Operating Officer.

In his career spanning over four decades, Mr. Bhatti has filed myriad number of investigative stories. The seasoned analyst has also penned columns on variety of topics.

Arif Hameed Bhatti has served as president of Punjab Union of Journalists from 2006 to 2007. Mr. Bhatti had also played dominant role in Movement to Restore Judiciary or Lawyers’ Movement (2007-09) and had faced imprisonment for the same cause.

Mr. Bhatti has also remained one of the founding members of various television channels and newspapers.

Due to its unique content and exclusive stories, Mr. Bhatti’s show has always remained one of the widely-watched shows in Pakistan’s media industry as it continues to top TRP chart on regular basis.

The seasoned analyst will continue his show on variety of topics including national issues and country’s ever-evolving and mercurial political landscape on GNN News.