Nokia to build China Mobile’s cloud network

Nokia to build China Mobile’s cloud network

HELSINKI, June 13, (APP): Nokia to build China Mobile’s cloud network


Nokia has  signed a 1.36-billion-euro ($1.53 billion) frame agreement with China Mobile to create a "cloud network" for the Chinese operator, the Finnish telecom equipment giant said Monday.


The deal would entail "seamless connectivity that will more efficiently  meet the ever-growing data demands of its subscriber base," Nokia said in a  statement.


Nokia is to deliver a new type of base station which allows the use of  multiple radio technologies simultaneously and is scalable to support all  connection speeds from the oldest to the upcoming, ultra-fast 5G networks and  connected objects.


China Mobile is the world's largest mobile operator and one of three public  operators in the Chinese market.


Nokia, the world's former number one in handsets, now concentrates on  network equipment.


The deal was signed in Beijing at the Sino-German Economic Forum by Li  Huidi, China Mobile's Vice President, and Hans-Juergen Bill, head of Nokia  Networks in Germany, while German Chancellor Angela Merkel and China's Prime  Minister Li Keqiang present.


It "strengthens Nokia's position as a leading provider of next-generation  technologies in China," said Nokia's Mike Wang who leads operations in China.


Listed both in the Hong Kong and New York stock exchanges, China Mobile had  around 835 million mobile clients in April.