Pakistan seek another good development on the economic front

Pakistan seek another good development on the economic front

ISLAMABAD - International credit rating agency Fitch has affirmed Pakistan's sovereign credit rating at B- with a Stable Outlook.

In a press release issued on Monday, the agency took note of the improved external resilience due to the policy actions taken by the government.

Going forward, Fitch forecast further narrowing of the current account deficit to 2.1 percent of GDP in FY20 and 1.9 percent in FY21, from 4.9 percent in the last fiscal year. The Rating Agency has also appreciated the adoption of a flexible exchange rate by the State Bank of Pakistan.

According to Fitch, with the reform agenda on track as evident from the successful review of the arrangement with the IMF, the government is consolidating public finances though stronger revenue growth, broadening of tax base and increased documentation of the economy.

Fitch has also acknowledged improved fiscal discipline, ensured by the recently introduced Public Financial Management Act and the steps taken by the government to manage domestic debt risks following cessation of borrowing from the State Bank.