PM Imran Khan announces new wheat support price

PM Imran Khan announces new wheat support price

Prime Minister (PM) Imran Khan on Saturday has approved an increase of wheat support price per 40 kilograms.

According to the sources, Imran Khan has approved an increase link of Rs 150. Now The support price of wheat has been increased from Rs. 1650 to Rs. 1800 per 40 kg.

Sources said that after increasing the support price, the price of 20 kg flour bag will be increased from Rs 860 to Rs 910. However, the sources revealed that the official price of wheat will be increased in a few days.

Relatively, the increase in the price will make all flour products more expensive.

It should be noted that the food department told the Sindh cabinet this week that currently 800,000 tons of wheat was available with the department and it had procured 1.236 MMT from the production of the crop season 2019-20 and 117,000 tons of imported wheat from the federal government.

The department assured the cabinet that the wheat stock available with it was sufficient till the harvest of the new crop in the 2020-21 season and requested the cabinet to decide the procurement target.

The cabinet discussed the matter and decided that the support price would be Rs2,000 as was decided earlier and 1.4 MMT wheat would be procured in the next procurement season starting next month.

The meeting also rejected the allegation of the federal government that the Sindh government had hoarded wheat which resulted in the price hike of the essential food commodity.

The cabinet members termed the allegation baseless and unreasonable, and recalled the admission of Federal Minister Fakhar Imam on the floor of the National Assembly that 6.6 MMT of wheat had been disappeared from Punjab.