Another good news for the Pakistan Cricket Fans

Another good news for the Pakistan Cricket Fans

ISLAMABAD - South Africa's tour to Pakistan in March will come with logistical challenges for the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB).

South Africa end their tour to India on March 18 and PCB intend to make them stay in Dubai - until the Pakistan Super League (PSL) ends on March 22 - and then fly them directly to Islamabad for a three-match T20 series in Rawalpindi, ESPNCRICINFO has reported.

Cricket South Africa (CSA), meanwhile, is set to send a security delegation headed by security expert Rory Steyn to Pakistan next month during the PSL, to assess the security arrangements.

The reconnaissance, ESPNcricinfo understands, comes because CSA is intent to go through a process of physically checking security before formally approving the tour. It is, understandably, a players association requirement as well.

"The tour of South Africa is very much a waiting game now and by the end of the month we should have a clear position," Wasim Khan, PCB's CEO, said.

"Their head of security is expected in Pakistan during the initial games of the Pakistan Super League. He has all the security plans for each of the different venues.

"He and the board of South Africa are very comfortable with touring. We have to make it work logistically as South Africa finish the tour of India on 18 March and we don't finish the PSL till March 22.

For them to go back and come again won't be possible so we will have to see whether we can have them sit in the UAE [...] and provide them the support and practice facilities, or we fly them straight in here and provide all that here."