Egyptian Model compares herself to "Angelina Jolie" and gets trolled

Egyptian Model compares herself to

CAIRO - Egyptian Model is facing some serious internet trolling here as she posted a picture on her Instagram comparing herself with Angelina Jolie.

It all started with his post on her Instagram account.

She posted a collage of her picture and Angelina Jolie’s picture with the caption Rogena Jolie. Some fans tried backing her with some support by commenting it was all a joke playing along but people weren’t buying it and that’s where the trolling began.

“You took it too far Rogena, too far”

“FORGETS what he was about to say”

That wasn’t not it , Fans came to rescue:

There were some people who even questioned why would she even want to compare herself with someone else.

Joke or no joke one must be confident in their own skin as two different people have two different personalities and perspectives despite of the similarities.

Rogena is one beauty herself who is not only graceful but a strong individual.