Interior Minister Ch. Nisar Ali Khan lashes out at Indian Interior Minister

Interior Minister Ch. Nisar Ali Khan lashes out at Indian Interior Minister

ISLAMABAD (APP): Minister for Interior and Narcotics Control Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan has the scheme of government of Bhatariya Janata Party (BJP) to divide Pakistan was a lunatic's dream that would never be fulfilled.

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Reacting to the threat of Indian Interior Minister Rajnath Singh, the Interior Minister said in the presence of BJP, nobody else has to make an effort to divide India on the basis of religion.

He said Pakistan was not dividing India on the basis of religion but it was getting divided due to policies of the BJP government.

How a party and government in India which was based on religious fanaticism, divisiveness, hate and violence, can level allegations against Pakistan, he asked.

He said Indian government could not talk of terrorism as its hands were stained with the blood of Kashmiris and state oppression was its policy.

Those who were calling for Hindu Muslim brotherhood should look at their past and present and see how the state machinery was used to shed blood of Kashmiris and how Muslims, Dalits, Christians and other minorities were denied rights in India, he added.

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The minister said reality was that at present, under the BJP government all minorities were in great danger and fearful as life was made difficult for them.

The government of India created a wall of hate among different religions for its nefarious designs, he added.

Chaudhry Nisar said India had turned into a battlefield and incident of Babri Masjid and anti-Muslim and anti minorities riots in India in the last few years were clear indication of the present government's political and official policy.

He said under state patronage, opponents were tortured, faces of people were blackened and minorities were killed in India.

These anti-minority policies of the Indian government had scared Muslims and other minorities, he added.

Chaudhry Nisar said the cause of terrorism was not Pakistan but India where human rights were violated and oppression and violence, and religious hatred were part of state policy.

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Instead of criticising Pakistan, he said India should focus on those organizations which were spreading hatred, religious prejudice and committing genocide of minorities.

Nisar said India admitted that it openly interfered in Balochistan and other parts of the country.

The arrest of Kulbhushan Yadav and other agents was a clear proof of this interference but it was unfortunate that the international community was silent on this provocation and open meddling, he added.

The Interior Minister said Pakistan wanted peace and the domination of India and violent policies of present Indian government were not acceptable and on this matter the Pakistani nation was united.

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Today if the rulers of India open their eyes, then they could see that their policies were dividing India and uniting the Pakistani nation against these policies, he added.