Geo tracking of Seminaries by Punjab Government

Geo tracking of Seminaries by Punjab Government

ISLAMABAD (APP): Punjab Law Minister Rana Sanaullah on Friday said the Punjab Government had geo tracked over 15000 seminaries and collected the record of students and teachers.

Speaking in a private news channel program, the minister said, 15783 seminaries were geo-tracked where 1.1 million students are studying among whom 700,000 are day scholars and 400,000 are residing at boarding houses.

The minister stated that among these students 25,000 belong to other provinces and 1100 student have come from abroad.

Moreover, 215 tutors at these seminaries who were in 4th schedule had been disengaged.

He said a complete research has been conducted on seminaries and after finding some doubts in case of 532 seminaries , these are continuously under observation.

The minister said there were 24 terrorists in Punjab jails waiting execution out of whom 17 have been executed while cases of remaining seven are pending at different courts of law.

"We have confiscated hate material in large quantity and there is complete control on use of loud speakers. In this province of 100 million people not even a single incident of hate speeches was reported even during Moharram al Haram," he stated.

He said the meetings' of Apex Committee which is represented by both civil and military leadership is an example of joint efforts against terrorism. The list of 1300 people who were reckoned to be in grey areas was also prepared by both the civil and military authorities.

The minister said the Counter Terrorism Department and police had killed 149 black jet terrorists of Al Qaeda , Lashkar-e- Jhangvi and Tehreek-e-Talban Pakistan in joint operations while 250 were arrested and handed over the military and civil courts for trial.

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