PML-N banners in Wah Cantt feature Nisar–but not Sharif brothers

PML-N banners in Wah Cantt feature Nisar–but not Sharif brothers

WAH CANTT: PML-N banners featured Chaudhry Nisar but not the Sharif brothers, giving rise to speculation that the former interior minister may be parting ways with the party amid reports of a brewing conflict. 

Chaudhry Nisar will inaugurate the Wah General Hospital on Thursday. Interestingly, the banners placed did not feature either Punjab Chief Minister Shehbaz Sharif or his elder brother Nawaz.

Nisar got upset when reporters at the presser asked him about reports that he was joining PTI.

“This is a project by the Punjab Government. Why isn’t Shehbaz Sharif or a member of the federal government present?” asked a reporter.

“What type of a question is this? I approved funding for the hospital, I will inaugurate it,” said an upset Nisar.

Nisar left the press conference after only two questions were asked by reporters.


Nisar has said in the past that he does not accept Maryam Nawaz as his leader. He has criticised Nawaz Sharif and other members of the party for their hard-hitting criticism of the judiciary.

Tehmina Durrani’s former political secretary claimed a couple of days ago that Nisar’s opposition to PML-N leadership was planned. Durrani denied the allegations and claimed that Zubair was never her political secretary.


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