Radd ul Fasaad: Grand joint operation across Punjab

Radd ul Fasaad: Grand joint operation across Punjab

GUJRANWALA: Intelligence agencies have on Thursday arrested 45 persons in Punjab including 15 alleged terrorists and recovered large cache of weapons from the suspects.

According to details, more than 100 officers of intelligence agencies, Rangers, Counter Terrorism Department (CTD), police and security forces took part in the operations conducted in Gujranwala and Hafizabad.

Security forces searched more than 75 suspected homes and succeeded in arresting 15 alleged terrorists after facing their resistance. 30 Afghan suspects were also taken into custody.

All 45 arrested persons have been shifted to unknown place for further investigation. 

Security forces recovered weapons in bulk from these persons including thousands of bullets, 50 pistols, 17 rifles, 9 latest automatic guns and jackets.