PCB unveils recruitment policies for PSL Players

PCB unveils recruitment policies for PSL Players

LAHORE: In the wake of some recent incidents the Pakistan Cricket Board here on Thursday clarified rules governing the player recruitment and management process, in specific player transfer rules, for the HBL Pakistan Super League (PSL).

These rules are as follows, there are only specific times during which teams may trade, retain or release players from the team, the officially announced Transfer and Retention Windows.

All PSL players are signed to a contract that expires prior to the next Draft or the end of the subsequent Retention Window, whichever comes first.

There are three parties who sign the contract, which are the player, the franchise and the PCB. No party may announce this contract as terminated except for the PCB, which may only happen with all parties' mutual consent and only during the Transfer or Retention Windows.

No retentions or transfers may be made or announced outside the officially announced windows. To clarify, any player releases from teams will also be made in the respective windows.

No other non-player understanding or contract circumvents or supersedes the PSL player rules and may only be initiated after either the player is released or the automatic expiration of the contract resolves the conflict.

If such an understanding precludes the individual from a playing or coaching role directly or expressly infers the player in question is retired from all forms of cricket, it may be carried out under only these conditions.

It is expected that all players, teams, managements and owners will unequivocally abide by these rules without exceptions. (APP)