Blasphemous content: Federal govt shutdown 17000 sites

Blasphemous content: Federal govt shutdown 17000 sites

NOWSHERA: Federal Minister for Religious Affairs, Sardar Muhammad Yousaf Thursday said that federal government taking serious note of public complaints has closed as many as 1700 sites in connection with blasphemy.

Addressing a Dastaarbandi ceremony at Akora Khattak, he said that federal government would not compromise on "Namoos-e-Risalat" and said that 1700 sites have been shutdown while 1725 more have been forwarded for necessary action on public complaints adding the authorities would take timely and stern action against the elements involved in these abominable acts.

He informed that a board has been constituted with the consultation of Ulemas to guide government for introducing reforms in seminaries.

He said that for the first time Ulema Mashaikh Wing has been formed in the ministry and its meeting has been summoned on April 25. He said that the meeting would formulate recommendations regarding seminaries and Islamic literature besides forwarding suggestions to remove blasphemous contents from the social media.

He also appreciated the roles of religious seminaries for promotion of interfaith harmony and said that Daral Uloom Haqania's popularity and reputation has been internationally recognized and the institute was playing the role of Deobandi.

Sardar Yousaf said that the role of religious seminaries in protecting territorial and ideological is boundaries of supreme importance. He said that our country was created on Islam and role of religious schools in protecting our Islamic ideology could not be undermined.

He said teaching of Quran has been made compulsory from class one to higher secondary level adding National Assembly has passed the bill in this connection which is in Senate and would soon be made law.

Minister said that Prime Minister has approved Hajj policy under which the pilgrim would pay Rs 280,000 adding that we are considering more concessions for the pilgrims visiting Saudia Arabia. He said the pilgrims would be provided two time meal in Mina, Arafaat and Muzdalfa during the Hajj and special arrangements would be made for providing boarding and lodging facilities to the hajis.

Yousaf said that government has hired the closest places near the Haram and Madina Sharif with 24hours transport facility. There is a ban on second Hajj for seven years. (APP)