Authorities raid Mossack Fenseca firm office 

PANAMA: Authorities raided Mossack Foanseca firm’s headquarter in Panama City to find out its illicit activities of money laundering and terrorism financing.


Police and officials from an organized crime unit took part in the operation with the approval of Panama’s attorney general that lasted for eight hours.


The attorney general’s office said “The aim had been to obtain documentation linked to the information published in news articles that establish the use of the firm in illicit activities.”


Officials claimed that subsidiaries of the firm will also investigate to find evidence.


The firm claimed that they have not done any wrong thing but hacking.


It claimed for having backup of all information and assured its cooperation to probe the scandal.


Mossack Fonseca tweeted “We continue to cooperate with the authorities in the investigations which are under way in our headquarters.”


Panama’s government also ensured the international community that they will cooperate to probe the issue.


According to Panama Leaks, Mossack Fonseca is a firm that assists to set up off- shore companies.


Panama Leaks is based on 11.5 million documents that embroiled several celebrities and world leaders including Pakistan's Premier Nawaz Sharif sons and daughter.


Iceland’s premier resigned and British Prime Minister David Cameron is under criticism after admitting his attachment with off- shore companies.