Worst news for Pakistan International Airlines

Worst news for Pakistan International Airlines

Numerous Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) flights faced cancellations on Tuesday due to a funding shortage.

According to insiders, PIA had to cancel several domestic flights to and from Karachi because it couldn't settle its dues with Pakistan State Oil (PSO) for fuel supply.

The affected flights encompassed routes like Karachi-Muscat, as well as two-way domestic flights from Karachi to Faisalabad, Islamabad, and Lahore. Similarly, flights from Karachi to Turbat, Bahawalpur, and Sukkur were also halted, as confirmed by airline sources. It has been revealed that PIA has urgently requested

financial assistance from the government. Furthermore, the current financial crisis may lead to more of PIA's aircraft being grounded, as 15 additional planes could face suspension within two days if the airline fails to make the necessary payments, according to sources within PIA.

If the funds aren't provided, it could severely impact flight operations, potentially grounding over 30 planes. Despite PIA's need for funds, the caretaker government has refused to release the required financial support.