Wheat and Sugar smuggling inquiry report reveals stunning facts

Wheat and Sugar smuggling inquiry report reveals stunning facts

Following the revelation concerning currency and oil, the Prime Minister's Secretariat has now received a comprehensive report on the illicit activities involving sugar, fertilizer, and wheat smuggling. This report, sourced from inside channels, contains in-depth insights into the rampant smuggling of these essential commodities from Pakistan, shedding light on both the perpetrators and government officials implicated in this unlawful trade.

Within the report, a staggering 592 individuals have been identified as wheat hoarders engaged in the smuggling operations, with an additional 26 individuals found to be actively participating in the wheat smuggling trade.

Furthermore, the report underscores the significant efforts made by the Intelligence Bureau (IB) over the past year, as it dispatched 417 reports to relevant departments, ultimately leading to the seizure of 90,147 metric tons of wheat identified as both stored and smuggled by this vigilant agency.

Crucially, the report also uncovers the alarming involvement of 259 government officials who facilitated the activities of smugglers and hoarders, extending their support in provincial governments. This support network spanned across 272 government officials in Punjab, 244 in Sindh, and 56 in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP). Additionally, 15 officials in Balochistan and five in Islamabad were implicated as accomplices in these smuggling operations.

It is imperative to note that this report echoes an earlier revelation by a sensitive organization, which exposed the involvement of 29 politicians in the Iranian oil trade, further emphasizing the pervasive nature of illicit activities in the region