Ishaq Dar reveals Who stopped him from bringing down US dollar to Rs 200?

Ishaq Dar reveals Who stopped him from bringing down US dollar to Rs 200?

Ishaq Dar, the former Finance Minister, insinuated on Monday that a 'global conspiracy' may have played a role in his inability to stabilize the exchange rate. In a recent interview with Samaa TV, Dar went a step further by asserting that international powers may have harbored intentions for Pakistan to experience a financial crisis akin to that of Sri Lanka.

Furthermore, Dar raised concerns about the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and questioned why the ninth review, scheduled for November of the previous year, was postponed until the interbank rate of the US Dollar surpassed 270. During his tenure as finance minister, Dar had repeatedly declared that the US Dollar exchange rate would drop below 200, but his predictions failed to materialize, as the rate soared above 280.

In the course of the interview, Dar attributed the delay in the IMF review during his tenure to geopolitical factors, citing a 'global wish' to see Pakistan default. These claims shed light on his perspective regarding the complexities of international finance and the challenges he faced during his time as finance minister.

In summary, Ishaq Dar's recent statements suggest that he believes there may have been external influences at play during his tenure as Finance Minister, contributing to Pakistan's exchange rate woes and delayed IMF reviews.

These assertions offer a glimpse into the intricacies of global financial dynamics and the challenges faced by policymakers in maintaining stability in emerging economies like Pakistan's

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