Hand Greande blast reported in Quetta

Hand Greande blast reported in Quetta

On Tuesday, an unfortunate incident unfolded on Saryab Road in Quetta, as a grenade attack left two individuals injured. Following the attack, both victims were promptly transported to a nearby hospital for the necessary medical treatment, according to information provided by rescue sources. At this point, investigations into the incident had commenced, with authorities diligently working to uncover the details surrounding this unsettling event.

Just days prior, on the preceding Thursday, Quetta witnessed another significant development in the realm of security. In a commendable operation carried out by the Counter Terrorism Department (CTD) Balochistan, five terrorists affiliated with the outlawed Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) met their end in the suburbs of Quetta, specifically in the area known as Aghburg.

A spokesman for the CTD Balochistan had disclosed that these slain terrorists were directly tied to the TTP, a banned extremist organization notorious for its involvement in the targeted killings of Eagle Squad police personnel and other law enforcement agencies. Notably, the successful operation also yielded a cache of weapons, ammunition, explosives, suicide vests, rifles, hand grenades, and other prohibited items that were seized from the terrorists' hideouts.

These events underscore the ongoing challenges faced by authorities in maintaining security and combatting extremism in the region. While the grenade attack on Saryab Road serves as a stark reminder of the threats that persist, the operation against the TTP reflects the resolute efforts made by law enforcement agencies to dismantle and neutralize terrorist networks operating in Quetta and its surrounding areas.

The investigations into the recent grenade attack will likely shed more light on the motives and individuals behind such incidents, contributing to a safer and more secure environment for the local population