Bilawal blames Imran Khan for rising terrorism in Pakistan

Bilawal blames Imran Khan for rising terrorism in Pakistan

Bilawal Bhutto Zardari, the chairman of the Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP), attributed the recent surge in terrorist attacks and crimes in the country to the policies of former Prime Minister Imran Khan during his media address in Sukkur.

While visiting the home of the slain senior journalist Muhammad Mahar, Bilawal pledged to seek justice for the journalist and drew a connection between the crime and the presence of terrorist groups within Pakistan.

He expressed, "The increase in crime in Sindh is a direct result of Khan's policies. We are witnessing the repercussions of Khan's decisions." Bilawal raised concerns about the availability of weapons left behind by US troops in Afghanistan, suggesting that these arms had fallen into the hands of terrorists, posing a threat not only to Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa (K-P) but to the entire nation.

Bilawal asserted, "Our courageous soldiers have been engaged in battles in the Katcha area for years, but these weapons have now reached other regions as well. Crime rates, including murder, theft, and kidnappings, are escalating across Pakistan."

When asked about the PPP's efforts to combat terrorism, Bilawal emphasized that while the PPP had made substantial progress during its 15-year rule in the province, other political parties in Pakistan had adopted an "ostrich policy," metaphorically referring to their tendency to ignore glaring issues.

He added, "The PPP government has consistently fought against crime and terrorism. We effectively managed petty crimes in Sindh. However, the 2014 National Action Plan and our anti-terrorism policy were never properly implemented."

Bilawal identified two key reasons for the rise in crime: soaring inflation and the detrimental national policy implemented by Imran Khan's government. He criticized Khan for allowing not only Afghan refugees but also individuals who had escaped from prisons, including former Al-Qaeda or former TTP members, to settle in Pakistan.

He questioned, "Did Imran and other authorities involved in this plan not anticipate that allowing former terrorists into FATA would lead to their infiltration into Karachi and other parts of Pakistan? Did they not realize that those we fought against in North Waziristan after the APS attack would return to target our own Army?" Bilawal concluded by expressing his hope that the interim government would prioritize crime control in Pakistan and deliver justice to those affected by recent terrorist attacks and crimes in the country.