Russia's Putin sends shockwaves around the world with remarks over Hamas-Israel war

Russia's Putin sends shockwaves around the world with remarks over Hamas-Israel war

Russian President Vladimir Putin expressed his apprehensions regarding the escalating tensions between Israel and Hamas.

He urged the conflicting parties to engage in dialogue, emphasizing that the recent unexpected blow delivered by the Palestinian resistance group in Tel Aviv had amplified the crisis.

Putin stressed the importance of preventing the conflict from spreading further, as he believed it could have significant repercussions on the international landscape.

He advocated for a return to a negotiation process that would be agreeable to all parties, including the Palestinians. The 71-year-old leader expressed his hope that the situation would not escalate further, noting that it began the previous Saturday when Hamas responded forcefully to Israel's long-standing aggression.

The Israeli strikes in Gaza, under Hamas control, resulted in the loss of over 1,000 Palestinian lives, while the death toll on the Israeli side reached 1,200. Putin emphasized the need for diplomacy as the means to find solutions and put an end to the ongoing hostilities.

He also mentioned that a barrage of rockets was launched from Gaza towards Israel on October 10, 2023.

Russia has traditionally maintained amicable relations with both Palestinians and Israeli authorities, although ties with Jerusalem have been strained due to Moscow's military operation in Ukraine initiated in February of the previous year.

While Western nations condemned Palestinian attacks, Russia has been cautious in denouncing violence from both sides.

Furthermore, Putin pointed out that the current situation in the Middle East could be attributed to the failures of U.S. foreign policy.

He expressed Russia's willingness to mediate in the present circumstances, acknowledging the challenges associated with such mediation given the gravity of the situation.

In a previous statement, Putin advocated for "the creation of an independent sovereign Palestinian state."