Reham Khan divorced yet again?

Reham Khan divorced yet again?

British-Pakistani journalist Reham Nayyar Khan recently addressed false information circulating on social media regarding her divorce. The controversy erupted when a viral post claimed that Reham Khan and her third husband, Mirza Bilal, had parted ways.

In a video statement shared on X (formerly Twitter), Reham Khan, accompanied by her husband, responded to the rumors, expressing awareness of those responsible for spreading misinformation about her personal life. She calmly debunked the separation rumors and emphasized the baselessness of the claims.

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Reham Khan asserted her recognition of individuals attempting to tarnish her reputation, stating, "The political party has never benefited from such cheap tactics, and they will gain nothing from it anyway." She urged people to focus on their own lives and issues instead of meddling in the private matters of others.

Mirza Bilal echoed his wife's sentiments, emphasizing that the rumors, attributed to a specific political group, were fabricated to defame Reham Khan. Together, they maintained a composed demeanor while addressing the situation.