DG FIA confirms the leaked video had an original clip of Senator Azam Swati

DG FIA confirms the leaked video had an original clip of Senator Azam Swati

Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) Director General Mohsin Butt on Friday said that the video used in the Azam Swati case is probably Indian.

FIA director general talked to the media after attending the Senate Committee on the Azam Swati case in Islamabad.

Talking to the media, Mohsin Butt said there is nothing they have hidden in this case. He confirmed that the leaked video has an original clip of Azam Swati.

The FIA director general also informed the media that on the direction of the Senate committee, the video will be investigated from some other aspects.

Earlier today, on the matter of Senator Azam Swati's leaked video, the Senate panel held its meeting on Friday under the chair of its convener Maulana Abdul Gafoor Haideri.

Interior Ministry Additional Secretary Momin Agha, FIA DG Mohsin Butt, and FIA Director Cybercrime Waqar Uddin participated in the meeting.

During the meeting, FIA DG Mohsin Butt briefed the meeting that they were directed by the interior ministry to hold an inquiry into the incident of the leaked video of Senator Swati.

Then we directed the cybercrime team to investigate the videos being run on social media, he said adding that the cybercrime reported back that these videos were fake.

The FIA DG further said that the affected person did not personally ask us to hold an inquiry into the leaked videos.

In the meeting, DG FIA told the committee members that his agency can only trace IP addresses at the local level but can’t detect any footage uploaded from private numbers or abroad.

He revealed that in the leaked video, Azam Swati's head was attached to someone's torso. He said there is an epidemic of fake videos on social media and unfortunately, preventing misuse of technology is difficult as no single agency is capable of stopping fake videos.

Answering different queries from the senators, Mohsin Butt also disclosed the fact that FIA does not have any technology to monitor WhatsApp.

During the meeting, the FIA Cybercrime Wing director also told the committee members that porn videos available on the internet were used to make the (propaganda) videos.