JUI - F Chief Fazalur Rahman's dangerous game plan starts

JUI - F Chief Fazalur Rahman's dangerous game plan starts

ISLAMABAD: JUI - F Chief Fazalur Rahman's dangerous game plan of locking down entire country for toppling PTI government in Islamabad.

The chief of the Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam-Fazl (JUI-F), Maulana Fazlur Rehman, prepared his followers for the next phase of the Azadi March by telling them to be ready for ‘Plan B’ set to commence tomorrow (Wednesday).

In his latest speech from atop the container, the JUI-F leader said people had rejected the PTI government. “They thought that the elections have been rigged and everyone will have to recognise this government,” he said.

“We said elections had been rigged and they said elections had been held in a transparent manner. Masses have accepted our version and rejected theirs,” he added.

Fazl compared the latest sit-in to the PTI’s 2014 dharna, saying his was a much better gathering of disciplined people.

He told the Azadi Marchers to be prepared for ‘Plan B’. “You sitting here is Plan A. We will initiate a Plan B tomorrow which will happen simultaneously with Plan A,” he said.

Fazl urged people to come out from their homes and join the Azadi March so that it could get easier to send this government home.

“I want you to leave your homes and come out to the Azadi March,” he said. “Join our hands and become our support. It is difficult for this government to survive now.”