Did PTI lawmaker submit resolution to recognize Israel?

Did PTI lawmaker submit resolution to recognize Israel?

ISLAMABAD – Reports emerged on social media that one of PTI lawmakers submitted a resolution in assembly to recognize Israel.

However, the reality of the episode is much different from what’s being reported on Twitter. In reality, no resolution has been submitted in this regard.

A PTI member of National Assembly Asma Hadeed made an apparently pro-Jewish speech on the floor of the Lower House of the Parliament, casting doubts over the intentions of the ruling party.

Hadeed, in her speech, expressed that a decision was made between Muslims and Jews in the line of a Quranic verse that the Jews would pray facing towards Jerusalem or Al-Aqsa mosque while Muslims would face the Holy Kaaba.

The legislator continued that the religious cleric should look for guidance from Quran and find any verse so that the Muslims and Jews can be integrated in order to stop the bloodshed.

The lawmaker also cited the violence underway in Syria and called for conciliation with Jews, pressing the clergy to look for windows of opportunity. However, no such resolution was submitted in the assembly.

After the video went viral over the internet, Hadeed issued a clarification that she had not submitted any resolution in the assembly and only called for a cessation of atrocities against Muslims.