CPEC: Pakistan at the centre stage of world emerging economic bloc  

CPEC: Pakistan at the centre stage of world emerging economic bloc  

FAISALABAD: (APP) Engineer Ahmed Hassan, vice president, Faisalabad Chamber of Commerce and Industry (FCCI), on Saturday said that the Chamber would fully cooperate with Pakistani think-tank 'Golden Ring Economic Forum' for preparation of Structural Economic Policy Framework (SEPF) specifically in view of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) and emerging economic bloc comprising Pakistan, Iran, Turkey, Afghanistan, Russia and China.

In a meeting with Golden Ring Economic Forum President Hasnain Reza Mirza and Shahid Hassan Sheikh, Engineer Ahmed Hassan said that CPEC had increase geopolitical and economic importance of Pakistan manifold. But unluckily we are not fully prepared to exploit its maximum potential as no proper policy had yet been finalised to give a quantum jump to the Pakistan economy.

He claimed that the FCCI is the first chamber in Pakistan that has established first CPEC cell to critically analyse its pros and cons and suggest necessary remedial measures to effectively deal with the emerging challenges. However collective efforts from all chambers, government and policymakers are a must at the regional level to get structural and sustained benefits from this mega project.

Earlier, Golden Ring Economic Forum president presented a documentary on emerging economic bloc. He said that the bloc had 20 percent world resources and their collective efforts could make this bloc focal point of future economic development.

He termed CPEC a blessing for Pakistan, adding that the regional countries of this proposed economic bloc should share their resources for the collective benefits of this region.

Later, Engineer Ahmed Hassan and Hasnain Reza Mirza exchanged mementos of their organisations.