Permit issued to Dubai ruler for export of 25 rare falcons in violations of wildlife protection laws.

ISLAMABAD: Pakistani government has issued export permit for 25 rare falcons to Dubai ruler against the local as well as international laws of wildlife protection. The permit was issued by the government to Sheikh Mohammad Bin Al Makhtoum who is the vice president and prime minister of UAE. According to the local and international wildlife laws nobody can purchase and sale endanger and rare species but the federal government by violating these laws has issued permit to the Dubai ruler. This might be harmful for Generalized System of Preferences (GPS Plus) status of Pakistan which was given by European Union. 25 falcons can be exported from Karachi, Bahawalpur and Rahimyar khan airports to UAE after issuing the permit. Foreign ministry also has informed to officials of FBR (custom) and wildlife department. Any kind of trade and export of falcons is prohibited under wildlife protection laws but UAE Embassy would be purchase the falcons costing Rs 10 million. This kind of permit also had given to Prince Fahad of Saudi Arabia by government few days ago.